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In 1930, our founder, D. Avelino Fernandez (1904-1991), saw the opportunity to plant chickpeas in the valley of southern Sonora. He exported chickpeas to Cuba, Spain and United States since 1930. Promoted the variety "Macarena" which revolutionized the chickpeas exportation.


He began the cultivation of chickpeas in the coast of Hermosillo Sonora in the 1970's at the time, this became the most important region of production. A few years later, he initiated the cultivation in Ciudad Constitucion, Baja California which in the 1980's became an important region of production as well.

Since then, Avelino Fernandez and his successors have focused their attention on quality and service, aiming to consolidate the leadership and reputation of their company in the worldwide market of Mexican chickpeas.

Our brand, La Macarena, was the first in its class. Registering in 1966 was soon accredited as the leading brand for its quality and numerous exports.

The process of development is carefully supervised from the moment the seed is planted, by members of our personnel specially trained in this field.

Today, we commercialize an average of 70,000 tons of chickpeas per year in a total of more than 50 countries. This is possible due to five processing plants in all main areas of production in Mexico: Hermosillo and Navojoa in Sonora, Caimanero and Guamuchil in Sinaloa, and Constitucion in Baja California.

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